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Theragun Adv #2 Seniors 1st Person

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John still can’t believe how he was able to melt away the pain from his aching, stiff and tired muscles.  And he never would have imagined that he could make it happen with just a push of a button using a do-it-yourself revolutionary device.





















John is not the most tech savvy person, but he can use the internet, and luckily for him his daughter who was worried about him, sent him a link to some life-saving information that literally turned John’s life around during this challenging time. 














How does it work?  The  Theragun  promotes blood flow to aching and tired muscles, delivering soothing relief from tension and pain on demand.  This ingenious little device delivers a powerful deep tissue massage via a percussive head that pulses relaxing waves of comfort into any body part….all without the need to visit a physical therapist!

Normal and healthy muscles need to be stretched and strengthened on a daily basis. A few minutes a day will assist in keeping your body moving, and feeling great.





































We certainly don’t want you to experience that, and John thanks his wife every day for introducing him to the Theragun.

John is still in shock at how for such a low investment, he was able to take his  health into his own hands and turn his life around.  His wife is so happy to see him smiling again.  John can’t wait for the day when he and his wife can go on bike rides together again soon, and maybe, just maybe, she can keep up with him.


HealthierBack2.jpg (9).jpg

After wasting hundreds of dollars visiting various physical therapists, John’s aches and pains would always come back.  While having a few sessions with one of these therapists did give John temporary relief, being an older adult meant that his body was just not as strong and as resilient as it was when he was younger.  Worst of all, John just couldn’t maintain the number of therapist visits that he needed to keep the discomfort at bay, and not having health benefits took a toll on his pocket book too.

To add to all this, John can’t really leave the house right now due to what is currently happening in the world.  Feeling a little trapped and being in physical discomfort was definitely taking a toll on John, not just physically but mentally too.  John knew he had to do something.

What he discovered was a simple do-it-yourself revolutionary device called a Theragun, built for people like John looking for relief from aching, stiff and tired muscles.  John never thought the day would come that with just a push of a button his body would feel as great it was meant to.  

And best of all…

It’s effortless for anyone to use.  The size of it is perfect and its handle is easy to grip.  It’s even ergonomically designed so that you can reach those hard to get to sore spots.  The top of the shoulders, that little place in between your shoulder blades, your neck, your calves, your lower back.  You name it, the list goes on and on… no body part is out of reach. 

Imagine waking up in the morning pain free, so that getting out of bed would be something you look forward to rather than dread.  The Theragun helped John get his life back again.  John uses it on his legs while watching TV, sometimes he’ll even use it on his back while standing cooking dinner.  It’s that easy to use, and that satisfying.  John can get up now in the mornings and go for a walk pain free.  There’s literally a little pep in his step now.  He sleeps better knowing that his Theragun is there for him anytime, and anywhere.

Imagine feeling your muscles having some strength and vitality to them once again, resulting in wanting to go for that long walk, or even taking the day to re-organize your closets rather than just laying around all day on the couch watching TV.  John can even go into the garden now and tend to his flowers knowing that his Theragun is there for him if he needs it.  And imagine all the money John will save by not having to pay hundreds of dollars for physical therapy! 

If John wouldn’t have made this pivotal decision to buy himself a Theragun, he would still be struggling with constant aching, stiff and tired muscles.  Not to mention the feeling of not being able to find an alternate solution to his misery as I’m sure a downward spiral would have come along with it. 


It’s called the Theragun, and it's the first professional, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself device for combating muscle tension, aches and pains. Used by professional athletes worldwide, the innovative tool consists of a sleek percussive head that delivers high intensity pulsations into muscle tissue to release tension and increase blood flow.


How Does It Work?


Live pain free again! - Theragun promotes blood flow to aching and tired muscles, delivering soothing relief on demand.  This ingenious little device delivers a powerful deep tissue massage without the need to visit a masseuse or physiotherapist.   Normal and healthy muscles need to be stretched and strengthened on a daily basis. A few minutes a day will assist in keeping your body moving, and feeling great.

Best of all, you can use it on demand, anytime, anywhere!

“My wife and I have been working at home for months now, and she has recently started complaining about aching muscles due to lack movement throughout the day. But it became a bigger problem when our masseuse said they would no longer do house visits. I started using Theragun last month on my wife’s back and shoulders. She hasn't complained about any discomfort since, and now our daily Theragun sessions are her favourite time of day.”



“I've had mine for two weeks already and even after the first go I wouldn't give it up for the world. Its so satisfying. I used it on my calves after running this morning. Nothing short of perfect!”



“I use my Theragun everyday.  It’s powerful, quiet, and an essential part of my warm up and recovery before and after a workout.  Deep muscle treatment never felt so good”. 





  • Promotes blood circulation, thereby increasing energy

  • Helps reduce knots in muscles

  • Provides soothing relief from muscle pain

  • Compact, portable and re-chargeable

  • Ergonomic and easy to use on yourself

  • Interchangeable massage heads ensure you can treat the smallest of spots



Why not also take advantage of these volume discounts and buy a Theragun for any of your friends or family who would be interested in the product? Above all, we urge you to purchase your own Theragun because your health is our top priority.   Since the publication of this article, Theragun sales representatives have contacted us to offer our readers a special deal. Not only are they offering the Theragun at 50% off, but they will also provide free shipping worldwide. Act now as supplies are limited.



How do I get the Theragun in Canada?

That's easy, at the moment you can buy Theragun  50% cheaper then the introductory price:

1.    Order Theragun from the official website.

2.    Start using Theragun and forget about muscular aches and pain


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