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3 Challenges,10 Prizes

Welcome to the 10 Day LittPro Fitness Challenge

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Staying home seems easy right? You get to wear what you want, eat what you want and sleep when you want! 
But what's easy isn't always right. Being stuck at home isolated can be a detriment to your mental and physical health. This is why the Pros at Littpro are here to help you take your first steps towards transforming. Do it for you. You'll thank yourself later.

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What Are We Talking About?

It all starts with one of LITTPRO’S 10 Day Challenges led by accomplished fitness trainers who have worked with Olympic athletes and other professionals in the field.  

Together, they have helped drive others to the heights of physical fitness.  


How Does it Work?

LITTPRO’S unique, customized, interactive process will motivate you to work towards your fitness goals. 


Whether you want to join the program with Naeha to stretch and tone your body and keep it limber and moving, or if you want to learn about “rolling and recovery” with the help of Neville, these 10 Day Challenges are a great start!  For those that are looking for a full body intense workout, try Lisa’s HIIT program!

You Could Win One of These Prizes

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"Honestly, I thought this was for athletes. I was wrong. It is for anyone who wants to take their training to the next level. Especially training with Lisa. She just makes it feel so easy! I have to keep going. I want to get the same results! Thank you Lisa for making training a lifestyle for me" 

Lauren G

"I had a normal breakfast, went to work, and even went for a run after a long day. I love this Theragun, this is a must have for anyone wanting to get results consistently. I'll never push the boundaries of my workout potential again without it" 

Brad N 

"I tell so many people about this community. Any time I am on a Zoom call and someone tells me about work from home pain, I tell them to check out this community"   Patrick A


Challenges run every 10 days and best of all...

They are FREE!

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