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3 Examples To Avoid Foot Pain And Keep a Hop In Your Step.

Are you having pain in or around your foot and nothing seems to help? Do you have footwear that you’ve been wearing for over a year? Well here are some reasons you may be feeling your pain and some methods that may help.

First, it is very important to seek a diagnosis from a Health Care Practitioner in order to determine the specific reason why you may be having this pain. If you are not in a position to do so or have already done this and nothing is helping, then this information may provide some clarity.


Areas of Pain & Possible Causes

Ball of Foot:

Metatarsalgia: Pain & inflammation on the ball of your foot, on the bottom. It can feel like a deep bruise and is usually caused by poor foot wear or by repetitive movements like jumping or running.

This is usually treated with ice, rest, pain relievers, better footwear or orthotic inserts in your shoes.

Morton’s Neuroma: Enlarged tissue around nerves in the foot. Causes pain and altered sensations (numbness & tingling) on the top of your foot, between the base of your toes (commonly 3rd & 4th toes). More common in women, as a result of wearing high heels.

Usually treated by wearing orthotic inserts, injections, pain relievers, discontinuing activities that aggravate it or surgery.



Plantar Fasciitis: Pain in the heel and/or the arch of the foot. Happens due to poor foot wear or trauma to the area. Usually felt during the first step in the morning & feels like a sharp stabbing pain.

Treatment includes exercises/stretches, injections, better footwear, massage, ice & rest.

Flat Feet: When the arches of the foot are flattened, people are usually born with this. Most commonly treated with orthotics, footwear with good arch support but sometimes physiotherapy or surgery are used to treat this.



Gout: A form of arthritis that happens specifically in the toe joints causing pain & swelling. This is caused by crystal formation which sometimes happens due to poor diet.

Treated with diet adjustments, rest, ice & medication.

Bunion: Boney protrusions at the outer edge of the base of your big toe, causing pain when walking, running, jumping or even while wearing shoes.

Treated with better footwear or more commonly treated with surgery.

Toe Fracture: A break which can happen with something as simple as stubbing your toe. Usually noticed when the pain hasn’t gone away for a week or more, with bruising & swelling.

Treatment for this depends on the severity and should be diagnosed & treated by a doctor. Usually treated with a toe splint or small foot cast with reduced activity or aggravating factors.


Neuropathy: Nerve damage usually caused by diabetes or blunt force trauma. Can feel like burning, electric shock-type pain often accompanied by numbness and/or tingling anywhere or everywhere in the foot.

The most common treatment for this is medication prescribed by a specialist (Neurologist) and if it is persistent, is sometimes treated with surgery.

Tendonitis: Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendinous part of your muscles. Tendonitis can be quite stubborn and sometimes it takes a long time to recover from so patience and persistence is important.

The most common treatments for tendonitis are things like strengthening routines, proper rest, icing and avoiding aggravating and repetitive movements. READ MORE ON TENDONITIS RECOVORY

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